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March 7, 2007  |  Culture, Quotes  |  Comments Off on Atheism…

“If atheism is a religion then ‘not collecting stamps’ is a hobby…” – Anon

[hattip to Tom Coates @ Plasticbag]


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February 28, 2007  |  Culture, Elsewhere, Links, Misc, Regular Reads  |  Comments Off on Cryogenics

Whatever your personal position on cryogenics (or cryonics to be more precise), you have to concede that Doug Savage is a genius:


Living in two worlds…

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February 23, 2007  |  Culture, Quotes, Resources  |  Comments Off on Living in two worlds…

“The opaque glance and the pimples. The fancy new nakedness they’re all dressed up in with no place to go. The eyes full of secrets they have a strong hunch everybody is on to. The shadowed brow. Being not quite a child and not quite a grown-up either is hard word, and they look it. Living in two worlds at once is no picnic.”Frederick Buechner – Whistling in the Dark

“Adolescence is…a stage between infancy and adultery.”

Abrose Bierce – Devil’s Dictionary

“Adults tend to treat adolescents as ‘big kids’ or ‘little adults’. They are neither. Yes they are both. Adults must work to respect and honour the unique challenges and opportunities of this age ‘between the times’.”

Richard Dunn – Putting Youth Ministry in Perspective

“Jesus was once a teenager, but he was never an adolescent.”

Donald Joy

Rob Bell: Sex God

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February 8, 2007  |  Culture, Resources  |  Comments Off on Rob Bell: Sex God

I’m a big fan of Rob Bell’s teaching – in whatever form it appears.

His Church has recently relaunched their website and as part of it have now added the facility to subscribe to the Podcast of the their weekly teaching.

I remember manually downloading, copying, cataloguing the files in order to listen to them on my way to and from work.  I had about 12 weeks to listen to before I could catch-up with the current teaching, but I made it, and am pleased that I did.

Anyway, the reason for telling you all this is to point you in the direction of an excellent video interview on Premier TV in which John Buckeridge (editor of Christianity Magazine) spends about 30 minutes chatting with Rob about Mars Hill Church & mega-churches, the Nooma DVD series, the Velvet Elivis book, researching Jewish traditions, his new book Sex God (sample available).

If you don’t have the time (or technology) to watch the video you can read an excerpt of it over on the Christianity Magazine website.


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January 26, 2007  |  Culture, Quotes  |  Comments Off on Possibilities…

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”
– John Scully –

In other words:

“[I] skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”
– Wayne Gretzky –

Pre-Uni T-Shirt Splurge

August 26, 2006  |  Culture, Misc, Resources  |  2 Comments

I had always intended to have a final pre-Uni splurge on T-shirts from Threadless, and their latest $10 sale came at exactly the right time! So here are the new t-shirts (also now featured on my Threadless page).

Ambition Killed The Cat Bald Eagle Bear Hug Biblical Disaster Happy Hospital I shower naked Operation Needed Selfless This is in spanish when you're not looking Who Cares

Not Of Our Hands

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June 26, 2006  |  Culture, Quotes, Resources  |  Comments Off on Not Of Our Hands

Let this be not of our hands, but by Your Spirit

Not by power, not by strength
But through Your Spirit and by Your grace
If it’s on our hearts, we’ll be on our face

Not of our HandsTo Those Who Cry1000 Generations

New Threads

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June 6, 2006  |  Culture, Misc, Resources  |  Comments Off on New Threads

As hinted at earlier I’ve been feeding my incessant t-shirt addiction. I restrained myself and only purchased five t-shirts this time. Well, actually the restraint was forced upon me by low stocks due to the $10 sale, but that meant I was saving money twice when you think about it.

I’ve updated the Threadless page to include my recent acquisitions to ensure that everyone knows which shirts I have so they can avoid ordering duplicates.  If you do decide to risk dabbling on the precipice of my addiction, please use the links on the Threadless page to order your illicit wares and I’ll receive a small contribution towards my next fix.

99 Luftballoons Blog Fish Tank Honest Tee Pessimistic or Optimistic?


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June 1, 2006  |  Culture, Quotes  |  Comments Off on Confession

I admit it, I’m a big fan of Big Brother.  On the highlights show this evening they were replaying the carnage which took place in the house yesterday, and the discussions which followed.  As Pete (“touretty celebrity”) and Richard (“sex terrorist”) were talking things through, Pete came out with this little gem:

“Hey my tourettes is in context – I love it when that happens.”

PeteBig Brother

Occasionally, when you’re dedicated and watch hours of mindless drivel, the rewards are worth it.