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Pip – Week Nine

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April 10, 2009  |  Baby  |  Comments Off

Latest developments from Pip:

  • I’m now the size of a peapod and weigh less than a tenth of an ounce. #
  • Mummy is very tired, and I’m still making her feel sick pretty regularly, but I’m sure she’ll love me in spite of it though x #
  • By the end of this week I should be 2.3 centimetres long. #
  • Tasty! I’ve just started growing a tongue… #
  • My eyelids are fused (don’t worry though, they’re supposed to be) and won’t open for another 19 weeks – not much to see in here anyway ;o) #
  • My wrists feel more developed, my ankles have formed & my fingers + toes are clearly visible – arms are growing longer & bend at the elbows #
  • The inner workings of the ears are almost complete, and my genitals have begun to form (the two things aren’t related!) #
  • I’m going to have my picture taken on 28th April – mummy and daddy’s Wedding Anniversary – I can’t wait! #
  • I’m getting stronger – my bones are coming together now… #

Pip – Week Eight

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April 3, 2009  |  Baby  |  Comments Off

Latest developments from Pip:

  • My hands now bend at the wrist, and my feet are beginning to lose their webbed appearance – at last! #
  • I think I can feel eyelids starting to cover my eyes. #
  • I’ve almost got a little face – eyes, ears and a bit of my nose is there too now #
  • I really enjoyed the poems my future cousins have written about me and sent to mummy and daddy. #
  • I am being a bit naughty; making mummy feel sick and keeping her awake – but I don’t mean to. #
  • I’m twins!! #
  • Just kidding about that last message – April Fool!! #
  • I’ve just started growing little teeth under my gums! #
  • Today feels like a great day to start growing some fingers… #

Pip – Week Seven

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March 27, 2009  |  Baby  |  Comments Off

Latest developments from Pip:

  • I still have a small tail, but it will disappear soon :o) #
  • My tail might be getting smaller, but everything else is getting bigger! #
  • I’m making mummy feel sick: morning, noon & night – but I’m not doing it on purpose :o( #
  • I’ve got little arms and legs, but no fingers or toes yet. Weird! #
  • Brain alert – I’ve just made my first brain cells – yay! #
  • My eyes are getting better, still not open, but I’ve now got lenses. #
  • I’m no longer an embryo – I’m now officially a fetus! Woohoo! #
  • No more embryonic tail for me… #
  • All my organs, muscles, and nerves are beginning to function. #

Pip – Week Six

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March 20, 2009  |  Baby  |  Comments Off

Latest developments from Pip:

  • I’m the size of a bean and growing really fast now… #
  • I’ve just got eyes! Still can’t see though… #

Pip – Week Five

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March 13, 2009  |  Baby  |  Comments Off

Latest developments from Pip:

  • I still look like a tadpole but my heart has started beating! #
  • My heart is still only the size of a poppy seed :: #
  • I just felt my upper and lower limb buds begin to sprout – cool. #
  • My facial features are slowly developing – mostly nostrils then eyes. #